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PXG Black Ops Driver vs TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: Read the Head-To-Head Verdict Story by Joe Ferguson of Golf Montly

The Black Ops is a really enjoyable driver to use. The acoustic and feel in particular are right out of the top drawer, as is the new aesthetic with its multi-material glossy crown. I found it a little light on ball speed compared to some other models I have tested in 2024 but the overall performance is excellent.


  • I really like the modern visual

  • The sound and feel are excellent

  • Really good all rounder


  • A little light on ball speed versus some competitors

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver

Despite the Qi10 Max being the headline product of this family, the Qi10 might be my favorite driver of them all. It combines the best bits of both the Max and LS models for me to create an exceptional all-round performer.


  • New rounded head shape is excellent

  • Extremely forgiving at this spin level

  • Will appeal to a broad spectrum


  • Only loft adjustability - no moveable weights


Which Club Should You Choose?

Choose the PXG Black Ops if....

- You value feel over speed

- You enjoy a busy aesthetic

- Sound is important to you

Choose the TaylorMade Qi10 if...

- You want more ball speed

- You require high levels of forgiveness

- You want to use the same driver as Scottie Scheffler!

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